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Wedding Ceremony - Wedding Reception - Birthday Party - Sorority Party - Frat Party


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 Wedding Ceremony - The set up is low profile with your choice of music.

We can even amplify live musicians for inside or outside venues.**


Wedding Reception - The party starts here, all the work is over!  Playing your play list and Master of Ceremonies, we meet with you and help you plan the whole night from the cocktail hour to the last dance.  Not hired by the hour, one price covers the entire night! **

  Mother/Son DancesFather/Daughter Dance - First Dance Songs

Wedding Reception customers with a Legacy Mobile code please click here.


Birthday Party - Young or old everyone should have fun on their birthday.  Light show and club sound brought on location to make sure that everyone moves to the music.  Whether you are 4 or 104, let us help you celebrate another year!*

Birthday Party Clients please click here for event planner. (Need to have a Legacy Mobile Music code to submit)

Sorority/Frat Party - Just what the professor had in mind.

Top 40 hits and mash-ups of all genres. 

Hip Hop to Techno and all the slow songs in between to get close. 

** Unlimited hours are subject to facilities, state and city ordinances - please see contract.